Pond Rocket announces partnership with Rendez Vous Nissan

Pond Rocket is pleased to announce that Rendez Vous Nissan has signed on to be the title sponsor for this year’s Pond Rocket Cup which will be held March 30-31. The tournament which is now in its 14th year has become one of Vankleek Hill’s biggest winter draws. Over 200 hockey players are expected to participate in this year’s tournament.

Rendez Vous Nissan has a long history of community involvement, sponsoring numerous local sports teams throughout the dealer’s 19-year history. “We are really excited to be a part of this project. I feel it is incredibly important to be involved as much as possible and support these types of events within our community. Both Doug and I come from a sporting background, so naturally, anything we can do to support our local teams and encourage our athletes is exciting” commented Sales Manager Steve Willett. “Over the last 19 years, the support of the community has helped our dealership grow into what it is today, so I feel we have a responsibility to pay it forward. Over the years we have been a sponsor for the Hawkesbury Hawks, the Vankleek Hill Cougars, many of our local school sports teams, golf tournaments, local para-cyclist Joey Desjardins, and many others. Not to mention that Rendez Vous Nissan is a hockey family. I’ve been skating basically since I could walk, and played hockey until I was 17. Doug also played the game growing up, and both of his sons play competitively. Diane’s son Benoit (Pouliot) currently plays in the NHL, so overall the Pond Rocket just feels like a great fit.”

Steve Willett Boxing and 8 Dance Company have also signed on as sponsors for the tournament. Over the past two years, the husband/wife tandem have been whipping the community into shape through boxing and dance. Given the physical state of many of the participants at the PRC, this should be an excellent opportunity for both enterprises to sign up some new clients. “Vankleek Hill has to be the biggest small town in Ontario, there is always energy in the air and something entertaining going on. Amy and I feel very privileged to be a part of this event” noted Willett.

Each year Pond Rocket names a local charity. This year Vankleek Hill Collegiate Institute will be running the door to raise money for both its Athletics Department and for the 43 students heading to Europe this spring. The group will be travelling to Netherlands, England, and France ending the tour in Normandy where they will attend the 74th anniversary of D-Day.

The action on the ice is always rivaled by the party off the ice. There will be live music upstairs in the hall both Friday and Saturday evening making the Vankleek Hill Community Center the place to be Easter weekend.