Rule Book

C.A.H.A. rules will apply, with the following exceptions:

Section A - Players and Teams

4 skaters and 1 goalie on the ice at a time.

Teams will consist of a maximum of 12 skaters and a goalie.

Players must be over 18 years of age to play in the tournament.

All players must sign the insurance waiver form to play.

A player may play on more than 1 team but only 1 team per division.

A team may replace a player in the case of an injury with another player who is not registered with another team in the same division in the tournament.

A player must play at least 1 round robin game or semi final to be eligible to play in the final with the exception of an injury replacement for a goalie.

Section B - Stoppages in Play

Goalie Freezes the Puck - the ref will blow the play down and raise his arm. The offensive team must tag up to the faceoff circles. Once everyone has tagged up the ref will drop his arm and the offending team may re-engage in the play. The defensive team does not need to wait for the other team to tag up to move the puck. Once the puck crosses the faceoff circles the game is on.

Off-sides - will be blown down and the ref will raise his arm. The offending team will turn the puck over to the defending team and tag up at the blueline. Once the entire team is on side, the ref will drop his arm and play will continue.

Puck out of Bounds - If the puck leaves the playing surface, the referee will toss a puck to the defensive team and the offensive team must tag up at the top of the circles, just like when the goalie freezes the puck. If the puck goes out in the neutral zone the puck will go to the defensive team inside their zone and the offensive team must tag up for an off-side. Any pucks that hit the netting, the ceiling or another foreign object and fall back onto the ice surface is in play.

Icing - the ref will wait for one offensive player to drop the puck, no defensive player need be present before the puck drop.

After a goal - the defensive zone ref will retrieve the puck from the net; once he has the puck the offensive zone ref will drop the puck as soon as someone is there to take the faceoff (hurry up faceoff). It is the team’s responsibility to be lined up and ready to play.

Section C - Penalties

Penalties will be assessed as per CHL rules with the following modifications.

All penalties will result in a penalty break away. The player who will be getting the breakaway will be on the red line with the puck sitting on the blue. All other players will be lined up at the opposite blue line. When the ref blows the whistle play will resume with the player at center getting a breakaway.

All players must be stationary in the defensive zone, there are no moving starts.

Cheating or false starts will result in another penalty shot. If a penalty shot is awarded at the end of a period or the end of the game then both teams may chase but if the goalie makes the save, the play is dead, no rebounds.

This is a NONCONTACT Tournament.

Anyone who commits a violent act (fighting, hit from behind, stick work) will be immediately ejected from the tournament, and that roster spot may not be filled by a replacement player.

There is zero tolerance regarding abuse of officials.

The decision of the referee is final on all calls and therefore cannot be disputed.

We encourage everyone to have a good time; however the referee has the right to not allow a player to play if he feels that they are inebriated to the point at which they may harm themselves or others.

Rule D - Tie Breakers

Sudden victory shootouts will be used to determine the outcome of a game that is tied at the end of 30 minutes. One player from each team will shoot at the same time.

In the case of a tie in the standings of pool play, the winner will be determined by:

Head to head matchup

Goals for and against (+/-)

Goals for

In the unlikelihood that there is still a tie, we will flip a coin.